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I was born and raised on the family farm, We live on the farm that was my mom and dad's and my grandparents before that, my wife was born and raised 6 miles away on her mom and dad's farm that was her grandparents before that, so we haven't strayed far from our roots. We have four children (two boys and two girls), three of our children are married and have endeared us with 10 grandchildren (seven boys and three girls). The best part of all this is that all of our children and grandchildren live within ten miles of our farm, so we get lots of visits. We started farming in the 70's and have went through some good times and some tough times, through some of the tough times I took an off farm job in the oil patch to make ends meet. I have remained in the oil patch as full time career and Brenda has an off farm job, so we do the farming after work and on the weekends which keeps us busy.

We have had cattle in our faming operation since it's inception running as many as 400 head commercial cow-calf operation. Since we bought our Lowlines and have brought the numbers up to 60 head, we have dispersed of our commercial cows and just maintain our Lowlines. Lowlines were a natural choice for us when we were looking to diversify, we looked at a lot of different venues, such as elk, buffalo, ostriches, etc.. We came to the conclusion that we knew nothing about this kind of livestock and we have had cattle all our life so the choice was pretty easy. We could see that the baby boomers were getting older and more health professional were suggesting smaller portions of red meat. With the Lowlines ability to produce more beef per pound of input and with the smaller cuts, they seemed to be the answer that people were looking for.

B M Lowlines is a member of the Canadian Lowline Association of which Brenda is a member on the board of directors. All of our cattle are DNA tested and registered through the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation in Ottawa Ont.. We had a lot to learn when we entered into some of the aspects of the lowline business such as flushing, freezing and implanting embryos and synchronizing surrogate mothers to implant these embryos into. The selection of bulls and semen for artificial insemination to maintain the best genetic make-up for our herd also takes a bit of time and research. With time and effort and the help of embryo flushing and artificial insemination, we have expanded our herd to approximately 60 head of registered full blood animals. The interest and demand for our lowlines has increased over the years either as breeding animals or as a beef package that we market off of the farm.


We enjoy the docile nature of our lowlines and are not afraid to have them around our grandchildren, our 6 year old granddaughter chose a lowline heifer as her first 4-H project. We are proud of our lowline cattle and love to show them off, we have numerous visitors to the farm that come to purchase or just to look at the cattle.

Brian & Brenda Chicoine


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