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For over a decade Brian and Brenda Chicoine have been breeding and raising Lowline Cattle. After a life time of standard farming with commercial cattle and other livestock, Lowlines have proven themselves continuously. Easy to maintain, a joy to raise and people are pleased with the final product when it hits the barbeque! Thank you for coming by BM Lowlines internet home to check out the animals and farm. Please feel free to contact Brian and Brenda with any questions or information requests by using the easy link at the bottom of each site page.

Lowline cattle are a result of down sizing regular sized Angus cattle through selective breeding programs at the Trangie Research Centre in new South Wales. The original group of cattle used in the research originated from Brandon Manitoba. They were developed in order to determine feed conversion rates in different sized animals and the Lowlines proved to be the best feed converters in the research program, which in turn makes them a very viable commodity in the beef industry.

Since their introduction to Canada and the United States their popularity and numbers has grown immensely and continues to grow with the help of The Canadian Lowline Association and The American Lowline Registry. Their smaller size and their docile nature along with their feed conversion abilities make them a great addition to any operation. Commercial cattlemen can benefit from Lowlines as well by using a Lowline bull on their first calf heifers, heifers calf unassisted and bond with their calf as they are not stressed out from a difficult birth. Calves are vigorous and grow very well, half-blood feeders will finish out about anywhere from 900 to 1100 pound and dress out at 65-70%. Lowlines fill a growing demand for smaller quality cuts of beef with greater efficiency than any other breed today.

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